• Ladders, ladder protections
  • Metal construction
  • Fences, lattices, protections

What we offer

Metal service offers various solutions related to metal products

Ladders, ladder protections

- Metal ladders - Spiral staircases - Metal ladders in a combination with glass and tree - Evacuation ladders from the zinced trellised flooring - Ladder protections (a handrail from stainless steel)- Handrail from the perforated metal

Metal constructions

- Mortgage details - Building container - Auto podium for motor shows - Furniture from metal - Metal cases- Carriages

Metal door

- Single and two-leaved doors - Warmed - Fire-prevention - Garage gate

Fences, lattices, protections

- Balconies protections - Metal fences - Parking protections - Columns of a protection, - Lawn protections - Metal lattices

Gate, barriers, guard cabins

- Sliding gate with automatics - Plough up gate with automatics


- Turning works - Manufacturing elevator mines - Canopies - Hangers - Containers for dust - Benches and shops - Plates and checks - Streets’ urns


SIA "Metāla serviss works

An available rich choice of a constructional material allows to create original, not repeating projects. All depends on the initiative, boldness and imagination of the customer and the designer.

Customers and feedback

Our customers and statistics

633 Satisfied customers
678 Completed projects
40 Good reviews
42 Upcoming projects
About us

About LLC "Metālu serviss"

The young Latvian company with dynamical development working in the metal market since 2002. We specialize on manufacturing various metal constructions including steel doors, window lattices, entrances and garage gates, fences, fencings, non-standard metal constructions under sketches of the customer.

LLC "Metālu serviss"

Possesses wide experience in manufacturing metal constructions because for us are working the recommended experts.


From preparation the design-project and the budget documentation realizes your order till object turnkey completely ready for operation.

The purpose of our enterprise:

Ossessing wide experience in manufacturing metal products to give our clients an opportunity of realizing their life’s creative ideas and treasured desires. The reasonable price of our products is one of forms of investments which help to create to the person a cosiness and harmony in an environment.

We offer clients:


Individual approach to each client;

Big assortment of products;


Classical and modern design;

Metal constructions in a combination with glass, stone or tree;

Delivery of products and installation;



Types of the most ordered products


Ladders, ladder protections


Metal constructions


Fences, lattices, protections


Gate, barriers

Perfo linea

Perfo linea production

Since the year 2006 LLC “Metalu serviss” in the Latvian market of metal represents the company JSC Perfo Linea - the largest manufacturer of the perforated and expanded metal in the Czech Republic.

Perforated sheets and finished articles from the perforated material (ventilating lattices, a sieve and a lattice for drying, separation and sorting);

Pressed trellised floorings and steps for ladders;

Expanded sheets;

Steel wire conveyor belts;

Ribbed and pressed metal mesh;

Welded grids, reinforcing of ferroconcrete constructions.

JSC Perfo Linea since September, 20th, 2002 - the holder of the certificate of a control system of quality ISO 9001:2000. The certificate was handed over by Austrian society OQS the Vein. Manufacture under orders is the basic approach in manufacture JSC Perfo Linea.



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